Waggs-And-Woofs is a luxury dog boarding, doggie daycare and spa located in our home nestled on 5 1/2 beautiful acres in the Saratoga Springs, NY area.

We offer a healthy outlet for a dog's natural instincts and behavior.  Our daycare is much more than a boarding facility. For starters, we are not a huge warehouse...this is our home, with our dogs. Our clients are able to run, play, wrestle, chase or, if they desire, just snuggle and rest. We also offer a variety of canine spa services and treatments so you can treat your canine friend to a well deserved break.  Overnight guests are always welcome and best of all is knowing we never close our doors and leave your loved ones alone.... Our home is our business. 

Why Waggs-And-Woofs?  Because we have created a fun, safe and personalized environment. Whether it be for a day of play or some pampering, our boarding, daycare and spa can offer a very unique experience for all our canine guests.

Over the last few years the pet industry has seen a dramatic shift towards taking a more holistic approach in the lifestyles of our pets. Not only are consumers more aware of what we are eating and expose to, but now this trend has carried over to the canine market. With this in mind Waggs -And-Woofs has spent a great deal of time researching the companies and materials we chose to use when developing our business. We are sure to please the canine conscious crowd.

This is a very comprehensive web site with a lot of details given about our services.  We do this because we want to let you know how well we take care of your animals.  Take the time to browse our site, then give us a call and come see us. 

Alisa & Dennis


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