Why Daycare?  Because these are our furry kids!  We "need" to know that they're safe, secure and well cared for while we are away. The last thing you need is to worry for hours about your little ones while you are at your job, doing errands, taking care of your "other " children or when you just need the house to yourself. If their little hearts are content then your heart is content!  Dogs are social animals and enjoy being part of a pack or group. Interacting and playing together at daycare is an ideal environment for this  instinctual behavior.  

Many dogs experience separation anxiety when left alone during the day. They may destroy home furnishings, have accidents in the house, bark non-stop and generally get very stressed-out. Daycare can be a tremendous help to these dogs and their owners. Lastly, daycare can exhaust your little bundle of energy, so that you both can relax in the evening without feeling like you have disappointed your best friend.             


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